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We did the gig at The Crown Inn Sedgley - thanks to all you guys who came along. Hope we weren't too loud in what is quite a small space for 150 Watts of VOX. We hadn't had the chance to rehearse as a full band since the last gig at RAF Cosord in December so we hope that we got the sound right. Sean sat at the desk supping his Stella appearing at the bar when we thought we were sound checking...ha ha.

We had Beechwood play a few original tunes before we went on and a guest appearance from Mr James. Great guitarist - only 15 - he will be getting his own band together soon we recon.

7 Up 'Nivan Smith' only sunk one pint before getting up this time. What a pro.

Plans are already in place to do a studio session in March. We are going to hide out at Mushrooms for a 2 day session - record as a complete band for the first time since we got together in February last year. 2 original tunes are set ready to record....

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