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New EP available to stream and buy

We have finally added the new 4 track EP to the page - features the 2 tracks Demons and She’s all I need recorded by all 4 members of the band at Mushrooms in Birmingham in March. Produced by Matt Davies...the other two tracks were recorded by Jeff and Gav with John Mitchell on bass guitar at Outhouse Studios in Reading in 2014. All songs were written by Jeff Best except She’s all I need. This track was a collaboration between the band with the original music by Phil - lyrics and chorus by Jeff and ideas by all of the band members went into this one to make it a 90s jangly anthem which could easily make it onto a Stone Roses album?!

The song Rain has been controversial since Noel Gallagher’s new album was released in November last year since the main riff in his song Its a beautiful world is exactly the same as the melody and riff in this track which was originally written and demo’d in 2004! It was published on YouTube in 2015. Advice has been sought and it seems any action is a waste of time!! Even if it is a copy from YouTube it’s too difficult to prove! Maybe it’s a huge coincidence. See for yourself. This song has reference to Hinduism in the end verse - a bit deeper than the other tunes. ‘Soul is Atman Brahman Life...through your heart love the more pain’

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