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NEW EP - Sonic Player Demos out now

Released on the 1st of April; 4 new tracks from the band. Sonic Player, This Time and Feel The Love were written by Phil Wilkes and Jeff Best. Phil wrote the music and Jeff wrote the lyrics and melody in March this year. We plan to take these tracks to the studio when lockdown is over - enquiries at Rockfield where Queen, The Stone Roses, Oasis and The Charlatans recorded is first choice.

The last demo track on the EP is Cazzas in the County Store was written by Phil Wilkes. It

was meant to be a joke track about a battle of the bands gig back in 2017 at The Flapper and Firkin in Birmingham. It refers to Van Rockman... a veteran rock band still treading the boards around Birmingham that once supported The Troggs. It was a sparse gig typical of live battle of the band nights these days!

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